The 100 Day Program

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All art is craft – Adolph Menzel

Perhaps, his insulation from the art-world gave him more insight into the process of creation, leading him to the conclusion that creating great art was the side effect of immersing himself in the development of technique, skill and application.

Kim Jung Gi Sketches

4 Sketchbooks that will make you want to draw again

Here are four sketchbooks that will put the feeling back in your fingers and the zing back in your brain.

Dan Nelson's Cross hatching technique

Illustrator Dan Nelson’s cross hatching technique

Watch illustrator Dan Nelson bring an illustration to life using thousands of tiny little strokes to build tone. Cross hatching is among the more complicated techniques in an…


100 Day Drawing program: Registrations!

Draw on Weekends and Weekdays! The registrations are open for the next batch of The 100 day Drawing Program, weekday batch ! Only 7 seats available, gift yourself…


Scribble : A drawing class for children

A three month course for children between the ages of 10 to 14years.


Weekend drawing : Amazing September

Amazing September – A great month for the weekend jams.   Mumbai Weekend Drawing : Yes, now you can meet up with other fellow artist on weekends in…