We’re turning the page

We have some good news and some great news.

The good news is that we have closed down the Penciljam Classroom to focus on building on our other goals. Of course Penciljam itself is still around, and more alive than ever before. Our weekend jams around the country are still on, as is our vibrant online community, so we can still meet and yak over chai at our weekend jams.


We started the classroom during a time when there were not many spaces for people to learn drawing without enrolling for a 5 year degree course in Art. Since then, many others have set up similar spaces to teach drawing and we are happy to observe, are doing very well.

Jammers at Nrityagram
PencilJammers at a Sunday Jam at Nrityagram Dance Village in Bangalore

The Classroom introduced us to many amazing people. We formed wonderful friendships, worked with some great teachers, expanded our understanding of the visual arts and have matured as individuals. As you read this, you probably recognise yourself and the role you played in helping us grow. Thank you for your love and support over these past 6 years. We could not have done it without you!

Now we believe that it is time to move on and to build on our other goals. 3 years ago we started on a project that introduced art to children. Our rationale was to help children cultivate a love for the arts at a tender age, and fan that spark into a lifelong appreciation for the arts & humanities. This project has now grown to the point that it requires all of our energy and focus.

Wish us luck, and send some cheer our way because we’re nowhere near the ending yet – just at that point in the story where you turn the page.


With love,
Smitha & George