Welcome to Penciljam’s Digital Community. This is a great space to meet new people, learn new techniques and improve your artistic ability.

The Main Community Space

Our Discord Server features many interesting channels that you can explore. Share your art and ask for feedback in the Artwork Gallery, participate in Group Chat, be updated on Community Announcements and enjoy Live Streaming Sessions.

To get started, download the Discord App for your mobile devices as well as your desktop.

Legacy Site – The Penciljammers Community

During the early days of Penciljam, we had our own private community website in which we shared our Art and participated in deep discussions. In today’s Social Media driven world, this old website no longer attracts any attention.

Now, in keeping with the times, our community has moved to Discord. However, we have maintained our old community site over the years because it contains a lot of artwork and conversations.

Now, this legacy website will be phased out in April 2024. Check it out before it goes away.

Penciljam’s Social Pages

Penciljam on Instagram

We now have an Instagram page as well. If you’re on Instagram, you can follow us there for updates.

Penciljam on Facebook

We also have a Facebook page. If you use Facebook, follow us there.

The Art & Design Careers Group

Penciljam also manages a group on Facebook that shares job openings for Artists, illustrators and Designers. What started as a small group to exchange valuable career options for community members has now grown into a job group with over 30,000 members.